About FQS Exagrammo

The company E X A G R A M M O was founded in 1987 and deals exclusively with the festive, Christmas, carnival, Easter and advertising decoration of business buildings, super markets, shopping malls, entertainment centers and hotels.
We design and manufacture decorative items tailored to the dimensions that suit the needs of your business.
Our specialized workshops will implement the decoration work and will undertake its maintenance throughout the required time.
At our facilities we maintain and store the ornaments so that they are ready to operate next year!


Our Services
Our creative department is ready to assist you in all aspects of your project from design to implementation!.
We create exclusive design proposals for the seasonal decoration of building facades and interior spaces that are matched to your brand’s style and philosophy. Once final designs are approved our specialized teams will construct and install your decorations paying attention to every detail so there is absolutely no burden on the operation of your business.
We install our designs throughout Greece and can arrange to the proper maintenance of the decorations on a timetable that fits your business schedule.
If required, the collection and storage of ornaments for re-use the following year is also available.